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Noypi-Undefeatable is the third generation Noypi site. The original, of course, is the Noypi-Unlimited where the "palaro" originally came from. Then the "palaro" was moved to University when Noypi-University was released in November 15, 2008. Since then, it became very popular to the majority of the population in University.

The minimum number of posts per day on University would be around 350 posts. And as of April 2009, the site has 26, 429 posts and majority of this posts are from the "palaro". The #10 top poster (kikayli2oo9) on University has 2,205 and the #1 top poster has 5,051 (white_angel) posts since the day of registration.

It sure is a huge success for Noypi-University and to extend our thanks to all of you.. We came up with ideas of having an exclusive site just for the "palaro". And we would like to present, Noypi-Undefeatable.. A site that will allow each and every ka-Noypi to enjoy playing online/forum games.
"A place where every play counts".

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Blog is officially available for our Noypi bloggers!

 We have UNCONFIRMED registrations everyday. Therefore, we advice everybody (who have registered but weren't able to login) to confirm your registration by clicking the activation key that was sent to your e-mail. We require confirming your e-mail address before you can login. THANK YOU!

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About Noypi Cbox
Noypi Cbox is a public chat room where everybody are able to chat even without registration. Therefore, we are requiring people to NOT use any form of language that will offend other people. Do NOT swear, curse, insult, or use racial slur! Do NOT spam! Avoid multiple, useless, and senseless messages, because they are not allowed. Any type of sexual material like pornographs are NOT allowed and are strictly prohibited! NO advertising of any kind is allowed. You cannot promote other forum sites and/or websites. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS when typing a message. If a problem like cursing between two or more members occur on CBox, notify the administrators right away (with the date and time of the incident, and of course the member/s involved). And please, be kind and respectful to everybody! Have a good day and ENJOY everyone!
If you choose to disobey these rules, you will be ban from Cbox and/or the site.